Of this about 15 700ha is proclaimed and some 6 400ha is public land managed by the CPNP but not yet proclaimed. It is hoped that all public land will eventually be proclaimed and that the owners of much of the private land within the CPPNE will agree to contract their land into the park.

Approximately 6 000ha – nearly a third of the area managed by the park and a fifth of the CPPNE – has now been initially cleared of invasive alien vegetation, and 22 000ha have been followed up during the first three years of the Global Environment Fund (GEF) funded clearance programme. This programme has created employment for nearly 300 people drawn from historically disadvantaged communities adjacent to the park.

The TMNP has also developed an Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS). The process involved the representatives of some 1 200 non-governmental and governmental organisations and was voted best project of the year by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).